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We are enthusiasts of green interior design; we would therefore like to encourage you to create vertical gardens with moss and plants in your homes and workplaces.

Green walls are the perfect combination of nature and modern design feasible even in a small interior. Our offer includes panels with moss, grass and plants, mobile green walls, as well as innovative furnishing articles.The possibilities of creating compositions from the panels are unlimited. They can be used as images or change the entire wall into a green surface.


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reindeer moss, Wood, moss, mosss, home, plant, panel, Glass, stone, meble, lamp, coconut, bamboo, rattan, misa, decoration, chair, and table

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Each of us specialises in one or more specific waste streams. This varies on our expertise and equipment material. From plastic specialists, to wood, paper and magazines. From electronic parts of phones and watches to fabric, metal and textiles. You can never get bored with us. For any waste stream existing, there is a designer with expertise in its reuse.

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