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Pallet Factory was created for those who like innovation, non-standard, the simplest but the best solutions. The factory is made up of Agnieszka and Łukasz, who, inspired by the Scandinavian style, decided to give the old objects a new life. To create recycled furniture you do not need to be a carpenter to handle it perfectly. The products of which they create a lot of possibilities, you need only a little imagination. FP shows how you can easily get amazing arrangements. We like to surround ourselves with unique and exceptional objects. Building new and renovating old furniture is a fantastic field for our creativity.

The first pallets were created in the mid-twentieth century by the Swedish company BT Industries. Almost anything can be made of pallets or boxes; tables, tables, beds, seats, shelves, flowerbeds and much more. Euro-pallets and boxes give us great opportunities, such furniture fit both the eco and Scandinavian style. They can work in interiors as well as in gardens or on terraces. Furniture from pallets have a rustic charm but you can also give them a modern style through bright colors.

In order to get on with such a work, apart from the idea itself, a good location for the "workshop" is needed, it can be a garage, attic or unused room with lighting and access to electricity. In addition, you need to obtain equipment such as a grinder, drill and screwdriver. another important thing is the raw materials and here the difficulties may begin, but with a little effort we will manage to overcome them. Clean the pallet or box, dry them, remove splinters and unevenness. Sand the sides, impregnate and paint. The hammer, nails, screwdriver as well as varnishes, stains, paints and work will also be useful.

If you like originality, FP creates all the furniture by hand, giving the old objects a new life.

We Used

Wood, Coffee Sacks, Wood from pallets, Pine wood, Aluminium, Flax Bags, Pine, Lined Recycling Bags, fabrics, cocoa beans sack, and oak legs

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Waste Streams

Each of us specialises in one or more specific waste streams. This varies on our expertise and equipment material. From plastic specialists, to wood, paper and magazines. From electronic parts of phones and watches to fabric, metal and textiles. You can never get bored with us. For any waste stream existing, there is a designer with expertise in its reuse.

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