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Tynka workshop is a place where wasted glass is reborn to a new role.

Non-returnable bottles, jars and furniture glass as well as other not wanted objects made out of glass are melted in the fusing technology to give them completely new character and function.

The most popular products in our offer is the glass dishes collection made out of more or less melted glass bottles. Connected with each other during the thermal treatment, on the manually made templates, they distinguish themselves with unique character of every specimen. They surprise with form lightness and practicality of applications.

They perfectly work as epergnes for fruits, pans for snacks and trays for sausages and cheese.

Being personalized with logo or the company’s cap, they work great as unique promotional gadgets or B2B/C2C souvenirs.

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Each of us specialises in one or more specific waste streams. This varies on our expertise and equipment material. From plastic specialists, to wood, paper and magazines. From electronic parts of phones and watches to fabric, metal and textiles. You can never get bored with us. For any waste stream existing, there is a designer with expertise in its reuse.

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