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We run two Studio Lokomotywa Magda Bartkiewicz is a graphic designer, a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow and the Institute of Creative Photography in Opava in the Czech Republic, and Grzegorz Klatka - a photographer, former reporter of the Polityka weekly, also a graduate of the Institute of Creative Photography. The interest in upcycling resulted from the unconventional and functional desire of our studio. Thanks to the optimal use of materials in the old interior and waste, we have used aged floor boards, leftovers of copper pipes, cardboard tubes, wine corks and old walnuts.

A number of projects of everyday objects were created, some of which, after several years of use, proved to be so attractive and functional that we decided to introduce them to a  wider circulation. We organized a festival of upcycling in Katowice's Rondo Sztuki (2013) - art.upcykling.pl, which will be permanently on the map of artistic events in Silesia.

We Used

Cardboard, Glass, cardboard tubes, Wine bottles, Wood, and wine cork

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Waste Streams

Each of us specialises in one or more specific waste streams. This varies on our expertise and equipment material. From plastic specialists, to wood, paper and magazines. From electronic parts of phones and watches to fabric, metal and textiles. You can never get bored with us. For any waste stream existing, there is a designer with expertise in its reuse.

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