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We have different interests which allows for the creativity of products we offer but we all share one characteristic. That is, we respect the environment and their inhabitants. Our products comply with Circularity, we make recycled or upcycling products. Our commodities can also be manufactured using environmentally friendly production methods based on European standards and/or made from ecological material (e.g. organic cotton), easily recyclable (e.g. cardboard) or biodegradable (e.g. biomass or fungus). All products are created without exploitation/injuries of people or animals, reaching for the highest ethical standards across the value chain.

We Used

Coffee Sacks, coffee bags, military canvas stretcher, upcycled cocoa beans bag, and Cocoa Bags

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Waste Streams

Each of us specialises in one or more specific waste streams. This varies on our expertise and equipment material. From plastic specialists, to wood, paper and magazines. From electronic parts of phones and watches to fabric, metal and textiles. You can never get bored with us. For any waste stream existing, there is a designer with expertise in its reuse.

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