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Every year we throw away 2.12 billion tons of waste
but our world is still only 9% circular.

We live in times of constantly changing consumer behaviour, increasing awareness about the scarcity of resources and widespread acknowledgement that the traditional linear economy is no longer efficient.

Circular economy concepts are giving new hope to our planet which is littered with post-consumer waste – all manner of plastics, PET bottles, textiles and countless other materials which are the byproducts of excessive consumption.

Deko Eko wants to contribute to this significant change by accelerating the development of a circular economy marketplace. We propose an innovative upcycling platform which will completely change the way you think about waste. We turn waste into profit by facilitating the highest possible jump in value – from zero to a market-ready product.

Our mission is to create the 1st Global Marketplace for upcycled products & services.

We cooperate with the best upcycling designers, startups and producers from all over the world to create well-designed consumer products out of carefully selected waste materials from a variety of different companies.

With our unique ‘Brand Upcycling’ proposition we supply global companies with employee engagement gifts and brand loyalty giveaways. More importantly however, we create circularity by introducing new upcycling product lines to the market.

We facilitate collaboration between designers, companies and consumers to introduce upcycling products into your everyday lives.

Want to play a significant role in this circular change?
Let’s upcycle the world together!

engagement gifts

Brand loyalty

product lines
What kind of value can we Add?

Our upcycling marketplace is a totally new opportunity
for businesses, designers and consumers.

Thanks to our original idea of ‘smart matching’, we are able to match companies that want to upcycle their waste with the perfect upcycling designer (someone who creates products out of particular waste stream) to meet their specific needs.

The result of this collaboration is a high end product ready to sell on the market.
Our Experience

We have been operating on the Polish market for the last 5 years and have managed to create the largest upcycling e-commerce platform with 250 designers and over 3,000 products. We’ve gained a lot of valuable knowledge about consumer upcycling preferences and have established several long-term partnerships in the fields of innovative recycling and ecology.
We are initiators of the ‘Reconomy Coalition’ with an aim to introduce a Circular Economy in Poland and a part of Polish Circular Economy Hotspot. What is more, our hard work and experience was acknowledged by organisations such as Startupbootcamp, WomenWhoTech, TheNextWomen, CEE Released Europe, Koźmiński Business Hub Warsaw, Chivas Venture and we were featured in Forbes as one of the best 60 women-led businesses who are shaking the startup world globally.

We currently operate in two markets – Polish and Dutch – with plans for future expansion to other European markets.
The Team

Agata Frankiewicz
CEO Founder
Marek Frankiewicz
Co-Founder CTO
Łukasz Faciejew
Chief Product Officer
Katarzyna Szewczyk
Junior Project Manager
Mariola Tylek
B2B Project Manager
Jacek Kędzia
New Business Manager PL & EUR
Bartek Radniecki
Marketing Manager
Ewelina Antonowicz
Scouter of Designers
Adam Majkowski

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