Cardboard tubes shelf

Made from cardboard tubes
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Product Description

Katyusha shelf model 61, caliber 75mm

Shelf made of hard cardboard tubes obtained from technological waste. The shelf is extremely functional, it can be hung on the wall or placed on a desk, used as a partition between two places of work, etc. Its purpose depends on the user's ingenuity; is perfectly suited for wardrobes, kitchens, offices, laboratories, wherever there is a multitude of small items to which we want to have quick and easy access, without wasting time searching for them. "Katyusha" is also a simple, raw, geometric decorative element. The shelf is not resistant to moisture, it is only suitable for interior use.


The shelves come in various sizes and shapes. There is a possibility to make shelves for individual orders, both raw and colored.


height: 67,7 cm, width: 77 cm, 

number of tubes: 61 pcs, inner diameter tubes: 75 mm, tub depth: 10 cm 

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