Paper Mache Hanging Lamp - Pluto

Made from paper mache, recycled paper, and Paper
Location: Barcelona

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Product Description

Pluto lamp, except from the practical function, can be an essential element of any interior decor. Color and unusual shape will make the space original, unique and friendly. The material used in their production is paper which was obtained from the recycling of old newspapers and ecological, certified water based glue. All these components, as well as the process of lamp formation, are environmentally friendly and ecological. Pluto lamp is very lightweight and durable.

This pendant light belongs to the collection of two lamps which name refers to the name of the dwarf planet called Pluto. 

Its structure is changing while orbiting around the Sun and that fact become a source of inspiration for me to create two lamps. 
Pluto’s internal structure consists of dense core of rocks surrounded by a mantle of ice. Its orbit is elongated and when Pluto is closer to the Sun - the temperature increase causing the ices to sublimate into gas. 
This phenomenon inspired me to create a pendant version of “Pluto” lamp which is blue, very light, delicate, made out of thin layer of paper.

Lampshade on the picture dimansions:
- 36 cm/ 14 inch height
- 41 cm/ 16 inch diameter

Textile cord:
- 1m/ 39 inch
Let us know if you need a longer cord, we will add it for you. 
Cords are available in many colors. You can choose them during placing the order.

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