Katyusha Red Cardboard Table

Made from Cardboard and Glass
Location: Mikołów

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Product Description

Table Katiusza model 81, caliber 75mm, red.

Our series of tables with cardboard tubes has been enriched with the first color model. The table is stable and durable, yet flexible enough to adapt to minor unevenness of the ground. Easy to disassemble legs allow the use of the cardboard top as a wall shelf, the purpose of which depends on the user's ingenuity. 
The table is insensitive to moisture, suitable only for interior use.

We clean it with a damp cloth. 


worktop size: 77x77cm, glued glass: thickness 6 mm.

table height: 48.5 cm.

table weight: approx. 18 kg.

Assembly: the table consists of without tools. Corrugated legs are inserted with a narrower end into the corner tubes of the worktop. You should squeeze the notched end of the leg with your hand, then gently push it into the corner tube, which is part of the cardboard top. In turn, the glass top is put on the previously folded cardboard structure (table top + 4 legs). It rests on the cardboard counter under its own weight and does not require fixing in any other way.

Dimensions of the table can be customized to an individual order.  

number with the designation "model" = number of tubes used in the countertop. 
number with the designation "caliber" = inner diameter tub.

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