Pouf Philosophy

Made from foil bags and plastic bags
Location: Warsaw

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Product Description

Ceramic poufs (from the combination of the words "ecological" + "philosophical"), made of used plastic bags, filled with foil, it is 100% ecology and recycling. Very durable, very comfortable. For sitting, turning, playing, the living room and the children's room. It is suitable for both home, garden and large hall.


MATERIAL: Made of cut foil bags. Stuffed with used, torn and ugly foil. It would have been in the trash long ago, had it not been in the hands of artist Patka Smirnov. And you can sit on it for at least 700 years.

METHODS OF CARE: You can rinse the shower. Just take the middle and throw it in the tub.

"The initiative itself? I was born quite unexpectedly - I came up with this idea when I was thinking about the next projects immobilized by the illness at home. I thought to use the commercials, which are always and everywhere in abundance - in shops, on trashcans, on the streets of our cities. They say they are hooked on the crowns of trees, on bushes, they spread out in the earth for a very long time. They clutter our cabinets, drawers, shelves. Generally speaking, they are a big problem. Used only a moment later they are lying crushed with oblivion ... I'm trying? give them a second life, changing the simple foil into a useful object, pleasing to the eye. I make bags, baskets and furniture out of them (...) Thus I clean the world "Pat Smirnov

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