Dracula’s Rosette

Made from: Steel
Location:  Poland

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Dentistry is known since 7 millennium BC. However vampires know it longer, as their teeth are essential for the genre’s survival. Vampire have to keep fangs fit it can’t have caries or cavities. Thus, in the castle of Earl Dracula in Transylvania, there was a team of dentists who were responsible for teeth condition of inhabitants. The team counted 13 dentists, because Earl had a passion for numbers considered by the people as unhappy. Researchers of castle habits recently discovered, well-equipped dental office in the walled chamber. After the fall of the regime of President Ceausescu part of the castle exhibits disappeared to be found later at the local antique fairs.

13 gag jaws which is form Dracula’s Rosette comes from one of these fairs in the city of Lugoj, birthplace of Bela Lugosi, Hungarian-American actor, famous for portraying Count Dracula in the original 1931 film. To pay homage to the vampires life elixir rosette is highlighted red, also there are preserved fragments of dried blood of B blood type*.

Rosette works in both Europe and the U.S., in the voltage range 110 -230V.

Diameter: about 30cm

* it’s synthetic and made of paint

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