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In co-operation with our upcycling designers, we organised “Eco Spot” for 3500 employees of H&M Distribution Center during the annual company event in Poznan. In the ecozone, our designers conducted upcycling workshops, during which we turned H&M T-shirts and other recycled textiles into practical and useful upcycling products such as small items and jewellery. We also taught them how to weave with wicker paper carrying out “Tutki”.

We Used

We used the abundant number of T-shirts and recycled textiles that H&M retains. Scarcity when using waste streams does not seem to exist.

The Circular

Through our upcycling workshops, we taught H&M employees not only how to create jewellery and small functional items from recycled t-shirts and textiles but most importantly how to see value where they were used to see waste before. Our circular workshop had the power and influence to teach them how to see the same thing (e.g. a t-shirt) with different - more circular - eyes. We aimed to kick in a snowball effect of cultural change by providing them with the lenses to find and create value.


Our economic model is built on scarcity. Infinite wants and limited resources. A fully circular economy offers the prospect of a global economy which is regenerative by design and abundant. As a business and as a citizen you are aware that to answer waste management we require ‘rapid, far-reaching and unprecedented changes in all aspects of society’. This coupled with technological disruption won’t make your success long-lasting. You wouldn’t want to miss out on the opportunity to give a second chance to your waste, saving on limited resources while gaining new products at no cost and more importantly joining the spectacular circular movement. Wasting is so problematic, start by not wasting your time and write immediately your successful story with DekoEko!

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