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It is a process where old or discarded materials are converted into something new that has value. The difference between upcycling and recycling is significant. Recycling takes old materials and breaks them down so that they can be made into new materials or products (mostly of lesser quality). However, it requires a lot of costly and energy-consuming technologies. In upcycling, designers and small manufacturers give a second life to products or materials by redesigning, reshaping or adding a different function to them. Additionally, the quality of upcycled items is better than the original material.
Upcycling is beneficial for the environment because the process saves or removes materials from the waste system. It also requires less energy than recycling and encourages the creative process. It is also beneficial in economic terms – upcycling provides a huge jump in value by going from zero to creating a viable product that can reenter the market in a newer and often better form.
We are taking the process a step further by proposing a completely new quality of upcycling to global companies. Our ‘Brand Upcycling’ offer adds value to a brand by maximizing their circular potential in different types of projects, which ultimately helping clients build a whole new level of value into their businesses.

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