Glass waste upcycling - 4 innovative products made from used glass bottles & packagings!

Deko Eko

April 14, 2021

According to the latest reports on glass recycling in Europe, over 76% of glass packaging is recycled in the EU. Thus, this raw material is the best example of a closed-loop recycling process. However, while recycling proves highly efficient on a large scale, glass waste upcycling offers solutions crafted for companies. Below, you’ll see which items are made as a result of upcycling of glass waste.

Glass - one of the best materials for repurposing

Did you know that glass might be one of the oldest materials ever discovered? Historians claim that its beginnings can be traced back to ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. As old as our civilization, glass has been used in many ways - from architecture to carpentry, and the packaging industry. The range of its applications is enormous.

Contrary to plastic, which still constitutes the biggest challenge in terms of waste management, glass recycling remains a highly efficient method. After heating up the cleaned glass waste, the raw material becomes liquid. Throughout the process, glass does not lose its structural value or characteristics. As a consequence, there’s no danger of losing its value as a material.

Glass proves highly efficient in the process of upcycling too. For the same reasons as explained above, glass waste is easily repurposed into new, innovative products.

Let’s take a look at some concepts realized by upcycling designers and producers cooperating with Deko Eko platform.



Glass lamps and chandeliers

By bringing bottles of one color, upcycling designer cooperating with Deko Eko created a unique lamp that glows with a warm, bottle green color. Consider it a great addition to a conference room or a “silent work” space!

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Tiny forests in bulbs

Little forests are becoming a popular trend nowadays. Instead of choosing the miniature ecosystems in new jars, opt for upcycled glass. One of our upcycling collaborators successfully turned glass vials and lightbulbs into homes for plants. You can also upcycle glass jars from your office for the same effect.



Bowls made from bottles

Still have a bunch of used wine bottles from your company event? Use those to create bowls for “Fruit Wednesdays”, or as trays in your office. Pracownia Tynka's trays - as seen above - will be an eye-catching detail in any interior!


Glass business cardholder

A stylish gadget that can be used in every office. Instead of purchasing new cardholders - often made from cheap plastic - you can donate glass waste and turn it into simple gadgets that will come in handy for your employees.

Glass waste from your office

Sure, these products look amazing. But what kind of glass waste from your office can be repurposed? Isn’t it easier to just segregate waste?

While waste segregation helps with waste management, upcycling adds the benefit of a closed loop. The once-produced material is not processed many times, but it’s given a second life with a completely different purpose.

Think about events hosted at your office. Once the pandemic is over, the get-togethers will return! Collecting all the glass-made waste from any event that you organize is easy and won’t require any additional effort. You can also encourage your employees to throw any glass waste into special containers. You can then upload on Deko Eko platform (100% online) and create upcycling challenge for designers cooperating with Deko Eko. Your corporate waste can get a second life and turn into new, creative products.

Over to you!

Do you already feel inspired by our ideas for upcycling of glass waste?

We hope you do. But let's not stop there. Take a look at other concepts - our recommendation for management of old banners, catalogues etc. - or click below and get in touch with our team today and let's upcycle the world together.

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