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If you have great ideas about how to transform waste into well designed products, you’ve come to the right place.

We are the 1st B2B2C Upcycling Platform for Designers, Artists, Producers and Startups who want to grow their businesses and make an impact on the environment.

We are focusing on cooperation with global companies who want to have a real impact on by turning theirs waste streams into high end consumer products.

What we Do

We are not only a typical marketplace. Our company consists of:
  • an e-commerce for B2C clients where designers can reach their clients directly,
  • wide network of B2B clients and partners,
  • a blog with interesting and valuable content,
  • a team of experts with unique know-how in fields of upcycling, ecology and sustainability,
  • a network of contacts around the world,
  • exceptional solutions for business,
  • and last but not least a big society of aware consumers.

Our Uniqueness

Our circular platform is a totally new opportunity for everyone involved – businesses, designers and consumers.

Thanks to our original Smart Matching concept, we are able to connect designers with the projects and companies that are right for them. We are making the process of creating and selling upcycled products online much easier.

All of us have the same goals

    By joining us you can get a lot of opportunities:
  • A new development path for your business.
  • Access to a wider group of consumers.
  • Your own online store that is easy to manage. Upcycling projects with B2B clients.
  • Immediately selling your goods on two European Markets – Polish and Dutch.
  • Free and professional online and offline marketing.
  • Help with achieving the best possible business standards.

How does the cooperation
Process Looks Like

It’s very simple – all you need to do is create an account on our marketplace. You don’t have to worry, the system is super easy and user friendly.

Once we accept your application (i.e. if you and your products meet our requirements) you can manage your own store.

Your customers will be both private individuals and corporate clients and we will help you meet the expectations of even the most demanding business clients.

    If you want to cooperate with us you need to meet the following criteria:
  • You have upcycled or ecological products in your offer.
  • You have a good sense of style.
  • You run a legal business and can prove that you are the owner/creator of your products.
  • Your products were created without exploiting or injuring any people or animals.
  • You properly create an account.
  • You provide high quality photos of your products.

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We have the same goal as you – to help the world
become 100% circular in the nearest future.