Black is not real - assemblage/mosaic

Made from: Wires and Computer parts
Location:  Poland

1,000.00 EUR

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"Black is not real" - this assemblage is especially important for me. When it was created, I was in the broad sense process of changing. Understanding and acceptance of this process took some time. It was difficult. Working on a painting was like meditation. Item to item, piece after piece, carefully fitted and cut to form a whole. Looking at the blue interior of black cable gave hope and strength. Then I saw that the light directed at it showed the successive shades of silver, copper, and indigo. It was like a message - the black is not real, just come closer, stop and see it, there are colors, you can see it, direct the light where there seems to be only darkness and everything will change, will light up. This image has recalibrated my perception of reality. Today, when there are difficult times and sometimes even days, I walk up to it, stop and look. I breathe calmly and I feel and know "Black is not real". Its story about learning how to accept adversities that occur to us. The assemblage suits minimalistic, spacious living rooms or home offices. Its original artwork made from worn computer cables rescued from recycling centers according to the zero-waste idea. Size: 60x60x4cm

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Poczta Polska
Poczta Polska

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