Forms of seeing - assemblage/mosaic

Made from: Wires and Computer parts
Location:  Poland

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"Forms of seeing"- assemblage/mosaic, composed of small elements, on each side we see it differently. Seemingly black elements dominate but with another glance at it, our eyes are focused on silver trims. The form of seeing depends on what we focus our attention on. On what then are we paying our attention in everyday life? On the black one? or silver? I notice it in every experience. It is easy? No. Is it worth it? Yes. Assemblage is a demonstration of the healing balance we lost in everyday life. "Forms of seeing" suits classic interiors, the bright, soft pattern on wallpaper emphasizes elements of mosaic. It suits also in comfy, homely bedrooms or living rooms.

Its original artwork made from worn computer cables rescued from recycling centres according to the zero-waste idea.

Size: 60x60cm

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