Wine glasses set of 4

Designer: Studio Lokomotywa
Made from: Glass and Wood
Location:  Mikołów

100.00 EUR

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Product description

The glasses are created with non-returnable bottles (mainly wine ones) and carpentry waste from exotic wood.

The head and the leg is a part of a bottle, while the foot is rolled and polished. They two are connected by wine cork, also obtained from recycling. 

They are not just any glass, they have a history which makes them special. 

Each item is handmade. The colors correspond to the colors of commercially available bottles (green, olive, amber, plain). We use two main wine bottle shapes: Bordeaux and Burgundy. 

They come in dozens of variants: colour, glass thickness, height, diameter, etc.

Please select the shape and colour you'd like at the end of your order. One set can also consist of different colors of bottles on request.


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