Lightcycled - Mix #2

Made from: Pet bottles
Location:  Netherlands

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Product description

Material that starts as 3D prints, with a story, and through upcycling ends up as a beautiful hanging lamp.

At Hola, we design lamps and lighting installations from biodegradable materials using 3D printing. Most are great successes, but what do you do when things fail?

We can't put the burden on the planet for our mistakes. Since we started producing lamps, we have gathered the fails, remains, prototypes and found other makers that contributed with theirs as well, adding to tens of kilograms nowadays.

The process of turning the waste material into lamps is not an exact one, as it's in pieces of various sizes, shapes and colours. We find that quite unique and we wanted to keep it visible in the final product. Therefore the final lamp combines piece from various projects into a strong lamp shade.

We complement each lamp with a bulb to fit and to supplement the colours. They are not very strong, but very efficient, therefore making them perfect for adding accents to spaces and unique details.

Bulb type: LED

Bulb power: 2.5W

Bulb luminance: 130-200lm

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