Rijkswachter XS - royal guards of the Dutch Rijksmuseum

Made from: Wood
Location:  Netherlands

29.00 EUR

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Product description

Rijkswachters are robots made from transport crates of the Rijksmuseum. In those wooden crates the works of art of the Dutch Rijksmuseum were kept safe during the decade the museum was under construction. After the new Rijksmuseum opened, the crates became obsolete. Every robot has a number with which you can find which piece of art was kept safe with the wood of your robot. Enter your code at our website and discover what art your Rijkswachter protected.

This Rijkswachter is the smallest of the Rijkswachter family. It has movable arms.

Every Rijkswachter is unique, handmade and has a different design. We can’t predict which Rijkswachter you’ll get. But you can let us know what kind of design you would like! We will do our very best to make the Rijkswachter of your wishes.

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