ERGO Hestia Group is a pioneer of the most innovative solutions in the insurance sector. Every year, it provides protection to over 3 million individual clients and several hundred thousand companies. Sustainable development has been part of ERGO Hestia's business strategy for years. ”We are aware of the environmental impact generated by enterprises and we feel obliged to actively take actions to minimize it. In our initiatives and activities, we are guided by the goals of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Dvelopment”.


Our collection has been created in the spirit of a circular economy. We used waste generated as part of our business activities in the production process . Thanks to modern technologies, unique design and the know-how of upcycling designers, we have managed to create a collection of functional products. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer. As a company, we decided to allocate 5% of the price (net) of each product from our collection, sold online, to a selected non-governmental organization supporting activities in the area of a circular economy.


In its CSR activities, ERGO Hestia is guided by the Sustainable Development Goals. The implementation of the circular economy principles is one of the challenges that we try to meet every day. These principles are also part of our broader strategy. In the forthcoming years, we plan to increase the amount of corporate waste destined for reuse and recycling to 45%. Cooperation with Deko Eko will bring us closer to achieving this goal.

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